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Cancelling a scammy order

I’ve contacted customer support for this already, but I felt it important to talk about on the forum as well.

I have received an order that the majority of the script was lifted from somewhere else (but they’re claiming it as their own), it’s a fictitious company, a fictitious name, and it’s wanting people to give thousands of dollars to this person. It’s a complete scam, but I’m not finding a method on this website to get out of it without ruining my statistical reputation.

Any info on what I should do would be helpful.



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sure wish you luck man!


Unfortunately there isn’t really a way around it.
If you are certain that it is a scam and you do not wish to be involved with it, contact customer support and explain the situation and that you want to cancel it. This won’t save your stats but it might ensure that CS stop them from ordering it from someone else.


You have no choice but to cancel it.

That’s really lame. Quite unfortunate.

How do you know that? Did you google it?

Some clients value their privacy, specially if they don’t want anyone to know they’re ordering on Fiverr. The fictitious name may be on purpose, or it might be a college student’s homework assignment. You don’t know, and honestly, we’re not paid to know.

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I agree that the fictitious name and company is not of any concern. For example, tonight I can come up with a name for my brand new company and actually have a company. The fact that so far I’ve done nothing with it nor have I registered it anywhere does not automatically make it a fictitious company, so that part is, as fastcopywriter said, not a concern.

But the main thing is that you are not comfortable doing it so that’s all that is needed.

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Yes, I googled it. Here’s the article it came from:

He was taking credit for the texts, he changed a few words to make it have even worse grammar, and the other parts outside that article that he actually wrote were almost illegible.

Fiverr staff took care of the issue for me. I’m very appreciative.


Well, I congratulate you on your diligence.

I never do that, I trust my clients to be honest. If they’re not, they’re cheating themselves, not me.

If your client was honest, he would have hired a writer, used that article as a reference, and then ask for something like that. Then they would have hired you.

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