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Cancelling An Order-Who Should Do It?

I just delivered an order in good faith that I had completed what was requested and gone above and beyond.

Buyer replies “What the hell is this?” to which I say I must not have understood something and if they would elablorate I would be happy to modify immediately. Buyer acknowledged that the misunderstanding was with their reading my description but that they did not want me to revise and asked that I cancel the order.

Should I cancel, is that more favorable or should he cancel as he is the one unwilling to work with me any longer on the project after misunderstanding or not reading my description?

Which is preferable? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


Do not cancel this order. The “mistake” (doubt it’s a mistake though) is on the buyer’s part. He can’t go to BK, stand in BK’s line, spend the money to order the food, and as soon as he gets his belly full, he asks “what the hell is this? Give me a refund! I thought this was KFC!”

There is no such thing as free work, and he would have cancelled right away after ordering if it was inadvertent; notwithstanding attaching files/requests related to your gig (that you of course could/and did do). (proof this was not an incorrect gig, as it was stuff you could do, not like he ordered proofreading and you sent him a Bob Marley drawing."

No Mistake - This is a fraudster. Please contact CS immediately. Go to your profile, then click help and submit a request. Attach the order number with the details (exactly the message above) and let them know that you have reasons to believe you are being scammed. The buyer could have cancelled long before you delivered, unless you delivered 120 seconds after the order was placed…

He got the work, and now just wants back the money for it so it’s ‘on the house’. There are quite a number of buyers like this. Keep an eye out for them, and be smart. If he threatens you in any way with a bad review etc… or if he does leave a bad review, that’s your evidence of harassment that you can use with CS to get their account removed, as well as the negative review, if any.


Just cancel the order. On the order page. At the very bottom there is a link that says click to mutually cancel. Click on it.

Don’t be worried. Cancellations happen all the time. Plus you want your repeat buyers to be people you like working with.

There’s a high chance that the buyer will leave a negative review on the gig - thus preventing other buyers from buying her gig ever again. That is how business works. It’s not fair sometimes but the buyer is always right. Best route is to peacefully give the money back and not do business with them anymore.

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It is true that they may try to leave a negative review, but it can easily be removed it you prove to CS that they chose to cancel after they got the work and not before (if this was indeed a mistake as claimed). The buyer is not necessarily always right, as on this platform there are many deceivers. Some will even try to say your work is not up to scratch, after delivering, then refuse to give you a chance to adjust what they found a problem with (some even not able to show you where the problem is, just to get free work).

Check the forums, there are tonnes of sellers who have posted dozens of stories about it.

Thing is. You may cancel this order now to resolve this. What happens when 3 or 4 buyers approach and all cancel (not after placing the gig), but after receiving the content?.

A lot of sellers end up going through a number of these before they pick up that they’re being scammed here; don’t let this happen to any of you guys.

Any person here who is about to “Spend Money”, will not go on a page that has nothing to do with what they want, then select Order Now… (which brings them to a page after that, to confirm), and then Hit Confirm. Think about it

After about 200 reviews, you may realize approximately 20 of these occurrences from various persons trying to swindle newer sellers after receiving the product they wanted.

Be Careful guys. They especially try this when it’s an order larger than $5/10. Try giving back $950 after slaving for 12 days on a project, and the buyer says ‘oops’ after reviewing their completed work.

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Buyer replies “What the hell is this?” Well that is just rude,but Cancellations should be used as the very last option but it does happen but it should be a very rare occurrence. (although i find more people considering this a quick fix i dont recommend it) I usually find good customer service will change things around as well as lots of communication because nobody is a mind reader. he has ordered the gig you have delivered. he should pay. if he is not happy and you are willing to work with him to find his happy place he should pay. If he is not willing to work with you on getting what he wants he should still pay. If you find its just not worth the hassle then go ahead hit mutual cancellation take your work he does not want and make sure you publish it you own it you use it and if you see him using it then you have options. before beginning any job open up the lines of communication get clarity before beginning any work then these sort off things dont happen :slight_smile:

good luck resolving your issue

I think this is smarter, compared to the advice from Speedy.

Depends, if you offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, then you should cancel. Truth is, this isn’t a fight you can win, if your buyer hates your work, you can’t convince him otherwise. If you don’t cancel, he can leave you a bad review and seeing how few reviews you have, this could lower your rating tremendously.

I see it like this: Lose $4 today, make $8 tomorrow. That’s better than make $4 today, make $0 tomorrow.

If it is a $5 order then cancelling is a better idea for you as you risk a bad review. If it is a bigger order, go to customer support and explain what is happening. They should agree to remove any negative review if the buyer has admitted that he ordered incorrectly. You did the work you offered and the buyer made a mistake.
The customer is not always right, clearly they made a mistake in this instance.

i think the best choice for this case is to cancel that order. Even if you dont, when the order completed, you may get a negative feedback that you never want.
Sometimes i got order from buyers who doesnt know about what he should order ( ex. buyer want to have a gif which support more than 256 colours - noone can do this ). Even i tried to explain but they dont want to understand. So i decided to cancel and accept the truth that i lost my time for that but it’s better than getting a negative without my false.

Hi, As per my knowledge. Just cancel the order because buyer can give you negative rating and that will be very bad for you. You can get many good buyers in future but just one negative rating can slow you getting new orders. Thanks.

I totally agree with you…

I’m seeing two sets of advice - cancel the order or report the buyer. I would suggest that if it is a small order you do both. That way you cover your bases to avoid a negative review that is unwarranted and you alert Fiverr to a possible scammer and help out the community.

I’m a buyer and I recently cancelled an order from a different seller and here is my perspective.

Before I placed an order I had a look at the portfolio, it had good designs. Placed the order, no clear instructions about what she needed for the design.

She finished it in good time but for some reason the design was totally off given my description. From previous experience of outsourcing, if the first design/article/seo is completely off then it has little hope and usually becomes a time sink. (Usually not a reflection of the sellers skills, just a mismatch of personality/communication)

So I thanked the designer for her effort and speed, but it was not what I was looking for, and asked for refund. She gave me a refund and she was pissed! (she did not ask to modify the design or anything)

I simply wanted a design that would match my clients website. What i got was the opposite. I could have been a repeat buyer.