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Cancelling half of a milestone order?

I have a client who has changed their mind about a milestone order - they want to accept the first two milestones but cancel the last - if i deliver the first and second milestones, then cancel the order, will i still be paid for the first two milestones? i tried the resolution centre but that was not helpful haha

thanks! :slight_smile:


The point about milestones is that you deliver the first, the buyer accepts it, then go on to the next … rinse, repeat.

You get paid for the milestones the buyer has accepted. Eventually. But if they decide to cancel after any specific milestone, you only get paid for the ones the buyer has accepted.

Hope that’s clear.


That’s the problem I have with milestones. You aren’t getting paid for the entire order in advance. If I were to use milestones I would expect to have that happen more often than not.


okay thankyou! i just wanted to check because even though ive delivered and had the first one accepted, my earnings haven’t got it posted in there yet :s fingers crossed that it comes through haha

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