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Cancelling my order

I had a LATE order and I requested to cancel it and then the seller quickly sent me the gig which was not completed as promised AND it was late. I spoke to a Customer Service agent and he was not very accommodating and actually infuriate me implying that I was the problem because the order was delivered, even though it was LATE.

If I dont get my money back, this matter will get really ugly really fast!

Another option is to ask for a revision if what was delivered wasn’t completed.

I can see that why Customer Service agent said that.
If the order is delivered, then why not just accept the order or ask for modification if it needs any? If the order was in the modification and then it was marked as late then it doesn’t count as the late order.

Incomplete delivery is a TOS violation. Just ask fiverr support to cancel based on this reason if you are really don’t want to ask for a revision to get finished order.