Cancelling order by saying that i have done it


A client order from me ! and sent all files. So i start work on it even he liked what i made and ask me to change color of background ! after that i show him then he ask make it in daimond shape i did it and before sending he open dispute to cancel order! i ask him whats the matter whatever you ask i have done it ! he said i reliazed that i have done it before . i told him sir if you have done it why you ordered from me i give you variations of the design and decline the cancelation, becuse its effect my profile and i even concern fiverr Cs but they didnt give me respond for that and even my issues which is submitted that isnt in my issue list.
please any one guide me about it please !
thank you


You don’t have to accept the cancellation!

If you have done the work then you should get paid for it. Catch is he might leave a bad review.