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Cancelling Order or getting less review.... Which one is more dangers?


Recently, I came across a buyer when i sent him a samples of my work. He was ok and placed a order of 5$ for a simple work. After that when i delivered him similar thing as my sample he was not happy and asked many modification and at one time he even asked me to cancel the order. I thought it may affect my account, so some how i manged to convince him to accept my order. Now he review me 2.3* and now my overall rating is decreased. Till now i have completed 3 orders with 5 stars and budget of completed order is more than 100$. So because of 5$ my review is decreased and now i can’t even bid under buyers request.

So here I’m requesting Fiverr seniors… If i faced same situations again which one is less dangers compare to other one.

Best Regards

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Hi slavetowork.

I understand your concern. The truth is that both are important!

But of course, you have to avoid cancellations! Cancelations, delivering late and responding with delate to new customers that are requesting information, it is not good ! You have to avoid it as much as you can !

Although if you maintain your level of response rate, Order completion, and Delivery on time, and do not cancel more for a while, you will raise your ratings again!

However, the negative review will always be there.

My advice to you, is that always, before accepting an order, talk to the customer! Analyze how he treats you, how he talks to you. If it is very demanding. And If you see that this client can give you problems, or is been rude to you, just do not accept the order!

Be always nice with them, and show them you want to help in anything they may need !
And of course ! Always deliver a “Excelent work”

If you have to work more hours to keep that client happy I would do it ! And after that, you can chosse not to work for this client again ! But like this you avoid bad reviews ! and bad ratings !

Always keep the client happy !

Also, the comunication is the most important ! Once you have accepted the order, if the client wants to make it difficult for you, he/she, will.

Try to be as kind as you can always, and be patient. There are customers who believe that for $ 5 they can have whatever they want, and make you work hours and hours!

And I insist, sellers have to use psychology, and make sure as much as possible, with whom we are going to work before we beguin to work for them!

I hope I’ve helped !

Kind regards,

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Thank You so much Miquel… Your reply is really useful to me.

You are most welcome !!!

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