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Cancelling order

This is a slightly annoying issue that has happened to me 3x times and lowered my statistics a lot (lost level 1 seller) because of it. Basically, someone buys my gig, doesn’t even put in the requirements I asked him to put instead just puts in the description of what he wants. So then I ask for the requirements and they’re like “oh, I can’t buy web hosting. I only have WordPress hosting” and I’m like “Can you please NOT buy my gig if you don’t meet the requirements?” so eventually I’ll have to cancel the order because they can’t/don’t want to buy web hosting anymore. And there we go, my statistics have gone down again because people just can’t read…
Can’t Fiverr find a way to fix this issue? Like why on earth would my statistics go down if the user didn’t meet the requirements, it’s his fault, not mine.


keep going. good luck

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Inshallah and thank you

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Pleasure all mine…

This happens because a lot of people abused the cancellation system to prevent bad ratings. That’s why.

Now whenever you cancel an order, the system assumes it’s your fault, and you get penalized. It’s a good idea to add somewhere in your gig that people should contact you before ordering. Maybe that helps.

And again in favor of the buyer :unamused:
I’ll add that people need to contact me first, I guess that’s the best I can do. Thanks!

Fiverr support needs to take an initiative that this kind of cancellation (where buyer didn’t provided required information to start the order or buyer found someone cheaper after placing order) doesn’t impact negatively on the profile of the seller.

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Exactly, I honestly hope they can look at this furthermore and try to fix the issue

Still, I don’t know about that situation. Also, It is terrible. I face that situation one time. :rofl: :rofl: Try to change your gig description and add what actually you doing. Explain it. :grinning: :grinning:

Contact Fiverr they will review your case and provide you with solutions