Cancelling Orders After Delivery Affecting Rating?


I recently completed some videos for a buyer, and only after delivery did I discover the site contains material I am morally against, since the script was a little vague. I’m still a little new, so I need to watch my back now more I guess.

Anyway, I was hoping that cancelling an order before the buyer marked it “complete” would result in clearing the videos I already delivered. It did not. In fact, it automatically gave me a negative rating, AND the buyer still gets my videos…and their money back. If I had known that was going to happen, I would NOT have done it that way. And now I have a blemish on my perfect rating. :frowning: Will this affect my promotion to Level 2? I’m really discouraged here. :frowning:


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the response! I knew it would affect my cancellation rating, but I had no idea it would affect my star rating. That’s what I’m upset about. I’ve actually had to cancel several orders because people have requested weird/fetish-related videos and other inappropriate topics, and it makes me sick to my stomach everytime junk like that has to affect my stats. :frowning: Oh well…I contacted customer support to see if there’s anything at all I can do.


Got it all taken care of! Fiverr customer support is wonderful! :slight_smile: