Cancelling Orders and Leveling Up


I’ve been working hard to level up and finally got level one after a month. From my past experience I know that cancelling orders destroys your leveling up process, so I always try to avoid cancelling orders. Recently I was asked to cancel 2 orders for reasons “I clicked order button ACCIDENTALLY” (!?!), and “This is not what I asked.” (although I already installed to their website EXACTLY what was clearly explained on my gig). I cancelled both of these orders, does that mean I will not be able to up to level 2 now, just because of those inconsiderate buyers?


I had the same thing happen! I’ve had to cancel orders because they “clicked the wrong one,” or plainly didn’t read and I lost my level one seller status…


Reply to @ceceliavo: So we can level down too, huh? Terrible news :confused: So is there anyone experienced here who can explain how many cancels will level us down or prevent us from leveling up? I remember making 60+ sales and not being able to level up because I cancelled ONLY one order upon seller’s request.


@eray84 All I know is I was awarded the level one seller badge one day and the next day I had to cancel two or three orders and it was gone. But the SAME people behind the two to three orders ordered the correct gig a day after. That is the only thing I can think of that would’ve taken it away. I asked customer support about it they said it would be restored but I haven’t gotten any reason why it was taken away, and it hasn’t been restored yet. It has been about 3 days since then.


I think Customer Support should be more explanatory about Levels. We should know how many cancels cause what…


Hmm very interesting. I have been on fiverr for 3 weeks now and had 2 cancelled orders by one client because their account had been compromised and was closed. They then created a new account and reordered those same two gigs again. Does this mean that after my 4th week here that I will not be upgraded to level one? I have had over 10 sales with 100% positive feedback.

I think I’m just going to have to wait and see what happens, then bring it to Customer Support next week if nothing happens.


I had only 1 cancelled order and I couldn’t level up although I made 60+ sales and 100% positive feedback. Then I had enough of waiting and signed up a new account, made 10 sales and waited for one month to level up and wolaaa! My new account was Level 1 on the 30th day. It’s really frustrating not to know how many cancels cause what. When a buyer wants to cancel the order, I kindly ask them their PayPal address so that I can refund them directly but one chump wanted to cancel the order -although I did exactly what I offered on my gig- and said “I’m not giving you my paypal address”. He must have thought I would steal it or something. End of my perfect sales record. Most buyers are kind to leave positive comments making the hard work worthwile but few are really inconsiderate to say the least.


I have cancelled two orders upto now…But I tried mutual cancellation and one order was cancelled by Fiverr team after i clearly explained them why it should be cancelled.

Mutual cancellation is a safe way I think rather than forcing cancellation.We cancel something when there is a reason right? So why should anyone give it a hard time? everything should be smoothly handled to keep everything cool…


I have been on Level 2 a few times and lost it due to cancellations. Most of the cancellations are due to buyer not contacting me first as I request in all of my gigs to be sure that I understand their needs and meet their requirements.


If the buyer accidentally ordered your gig, don’t cancel it yourself. Ask the buyer to cancel it on his order page. I’ve had 2 or 3 incidents like this. If we cancel the order, we’re risking our ratings. There’s an option on the buyer’s order page (I’m not sure where coz I’ve never cancelled previously) for them to cancel the order. Alternatively just contact Customer Support #:-S


Reply to @eray84: I believe that Levels 1 and 2 are more or less "systematically managed"

So there is a reason we are not given TOO many details (and may not be given anymore).

You see, if the details are too public, than imitators (and there are many) can reverse engineer their algorithm. OR even more, make claims as to how they’re “better” than Fiverr.


@eray84: After seeing what you’ve had to say, I don’t think I will become level 1 next week even though the cancellation was not my nor the buyers fault :frowning:

This is quite disappointing. It is very unfortunate for the people who work very hard on Fiverr just to have privileges taken away or not given at all.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: It’s off-topic, I know but I have to ask :slight_smile: On one of your posts here I saw you wrote a line or two about the gig picture size, but I can’t find it now. What is the best size for a gig picture?


I got level 1 a few days ago and then I had a guy buy three orders and then we had to mutually cancel all three because of complications on his part. I woke up the next day without level 1. The next week I got a around 3-4 new orders and they all got thumbs up and I got level 1 again a few days later


Word of advice: Ask your potential buyers to contact you before they order the gigs and avoid the cancels as best as you can. Cancelling, whether mutually or by force, destroys your record, making it almost impossible to level up.


same happened to me


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Hi I am new to fiverr (3 days!) buyer only. I bought one gig that was great-seller contacted me right away and got the job done the next day. I was very happy with her. Then I bough another gig and this person hasn’t even acknowledged my purchase much less ask me the info she needs for the gig. It is due tomorrow but I don’t think it will happen-what can I do?


Reply to @vedmak: Question, who told you it was 5%? I’m curious, because I have 307 orders completed and 37 cancelled orders, and that’s over 10%.


Reply to @klrichardson: If they don’t deliver it, once you get notified that the seller is late, you’ll be able to cancel it and find another seller who can and will complete your order.