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Cancelling the order

I tried cancelling my order but cs didn’t sort out the matter, what should I do now?

Are you the seller or buyer with that order?

If you’re a seller you pull up the order, click on resolution center and choose one of the many reasons there. You can request a mutual cancellation, fill out the information. The buyer has I believe 48 or 72 hours to respond, if they do not respond it will auto cancel.

It’s been awhile since I’ve cancelled an order, so I’m going off memory.


I am a seller, the cs is not responding and I requested order cancellation… The buyer wants me to fix the delivery and she is also asking about the refund just in case if I don’t want to fix it… What should I do with the cs they are not answering!

You don’t need CS to cancel an order. Use the resolution center.

CS is super busy. They aren’t going to prioritize doing things for sellers that they can do themselves.

But if according to resolution center if I select let the buyer cancel the order, isn’t it going to affect my rating?