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Cancelling too many orders?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been on Fiverr for over a year now and so far canceled 5 orders. Some, I cancel because the demands are madness- eg. translating 10,000 words for 5$. And some because people just don’t read my requirements.
I know it affects my rating, and it makes me feel like I’m spoiled or something :confused:
Why does mutual cancellation affect my rating? Is there any of the reasons I can choose so for it to not be so lowering to my delivery rate?
It seems a lot of the time like Fiverr is a lot more interested in helping its buyer than it’s sellers- Although we both pay them the same fee.
Does anybody else feel like this? Or find a way to deal with cancellations in a more effective way?


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Yeah, that’s is what a lot of people complains here about. Buyer favoritism! :neutral_face: Not much we can do about it, but hope that Fiverr starts to care more about their sellers. But most of new changes seem to be the opposite, removing even more features from sellers and making our life even harder.

But there was some talk about mistake orders not counting against completion ratio. But that was months ago, so not sure if it was scrapped. Wouldn’t be surprised, if so. :roll_eyes:

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Ugh, that sucks :confused: It’s a shame that so many people complaining doesn’t really do much.
I’ll try the ‘order by mistake’ next time I’ll get an order that I cancel, maybe it’ll work. :crossed_fingers:

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