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Cancelling withdrawal initiated

can someone help me to cancel the payment initiated to my paypal account?


As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, all withdrawals are final and can’t be reversed.

You can try asking Customer Support for help, but these days, it takes them 10 days, sometimes even more, to respond.

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Thanks for writing it to me. actually i didn’t get the money in paypal. the money i get is returned back to fiverr by paypal (because i can’t do international transactions that time) i’m clear with that.
but in fiverr it’s still showing “paymat initiated”.i don’t know why this is happening to me.

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Then you’ll probably have to contact Customer Support, and wait for their response.

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I have this problem too is your problem solved pls tell me how to solve this

yes it’s solved (: . you need to go for the help and support desk.


How much time it took and where can I find the help and support desk can you explain

yes SURE!! go to help and support ( in the bottom of any page ). You will be reaching a fiverr help center. then, click on my request. then add a new request with your complaint. which will be answered by a boat(non-human).replay to that message telling that your issue is not fixed so,they will reply you by personal so you can ask them to solve the issue.

Thankyou very much the issue solved

I have the same issue. Paypal returned back the funds to fiverr. But in fiverr there still showing “withdrawal initiated”. Please help me how to solve this issue.

yes brother (:
don’t worry your money is still there. just go to help desk and tell them about your issue. it will be fixed within in a 3-4 days

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Yes brother I will help you

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how can you help me brother

the only way you can do is just send a refund request it will work within 4 days

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I have describe them the full issue…but they didint reply to my ticket yet. How can I send a refund request?

yes, they will replay after 2-3 days

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Fiverr solve the issue within 2 days. :heart_eyes: