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Cannot access any tabs on orders page or send messages

I can see the ACTIVITY tab on the order, but not send a message via the orders page.
I cannot access the DETAILS, REQUIREMENTS, or DELIVERY tabs at all. There is a constant three dots moving at the top of the page but I am unable to click on or view any of the tabs or send messages.
Please help!

I’d check your gigs page. I don’t see any active gigs but if you have an order maybe it should let you continue with it. Also do you definitely have an order and if so what status is the order? Is it in progress?

If you have gigs maybe contact CS.

If you haven’t created and never activated any gigs the order page should be not applicable.

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Thank you for the response. Yes I have an active order and it is “in progress” as a buyer…

I assume you’re using Google Chrome. If not you could try that. I also assume your desktop resolution is high enough (1920x1080 should be. Maybe slightly less too). edit: I’d also try refreshing the order page if you haven’t already.

If it still isn’t working I suggest contacting CS through the support centre.

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Thank you very much for your time uk1000 :grinning:

I am using Google Chrome, I will check the resolution…and contact CS.

Thanks again!

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