Cannot add an ongoing college degree to my profile


The “add” button does not turn green when I add my college details in my profile.


I think it’s designed for completed degrees only, or it was?


It is not accepting high school degree either.


Sorry - I don’t know what a high school degree is - only university/college ones etc.


If you’re proud of where you went to high school, you can list it in your profile. Generally speaking, from the point of view of a college student, I really don’t think it matters so much.


Yup, that’s correct only completed degrees, it requires (year of graduation).


A high school degree is not something that would cause someone to buy your gig and would not be included here since it is so common to have one. Buyers want to see advanced training and education. Even just a four year college degree, while nice, is not considered something that would make someone an expert on anything.