Cannot be a level 1 seller because of a TOS flag



I am a new seller and have been working hard on fiverr to deliver the best of my service. Most of my gigs deal with installing and/or setting up WordPress or WordPress theme. For these reasons the client provide me their email address or I have to ask client for the same (in order to login to their hosting account/WordPress etc). For these reasons I have was once flagged by fiverr. To which I gently asked fiverr support to review the content of message and take off the warning (this was when the warning was generated).

I contacted fiverr yesterday regarding the same matter, since its been 30 days and I have 10+ sales, I was wondering why I didnt get the level 1 badge. To which the support team brought forward the same issue. I again asked them to review the system and clean the flag because I cannot work with my clients without getting their login details.

Can you guys help me out here on what should be done? I have a 100% glowing review and most of them are repeat customers, if I were asking any client to work with me outside fiverr, I would not have had any repeat clients.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you


According to the terms any necessary contact information must be exchanged on the order page!

I guess all you can do is keep the details you need on the order page in the future and wait. From what i understand the flags do expire eventually!


Reply to @mgjohn78: Thank you for your reply. I didn’t this and wish this was made clear. Any ideas how long does it take for the flags to expire? I hate to feel punished for doing nothing wrong.

Thank you


Fiverr is very very sensitive about this because if anyone continues work outside of Fiverr, they don’t get any of that money. So they want to prevent anything that would give you means of outside communication regardless of intent… It’s annoying when the message system freaks out if you use the @ sign or words like “money”.


Reply to @omniversal: I understand the worry. It threatens their business. But all I ask them is that when they tag a user, a tag that can potentially harm them, they should at least cross check it once. Sending out warnings and flagging users based on automated message is kind of unfair.

This was the message I was flagged for: "That sounds great. Can you wait for a day? I have a few gigs payments being processed, when they go through I can pay you directly"

In the above message, I was asking another seller to wait for day so that the the revenue I made by selling my services in fiverr will clear out and I can pay directly (without having to pay another $0.50 of ridiculous processing fees). If fiverr can be sensitive about losing money, so can I and I hope the support team understands this.

In all, because of this misunderstanding, I have to suffer. I was hoping to attract more buyers (and hence more revenue to fiverr) if I get to level 1.


Reply to @shantanua: No Idea, just seen similar post in the past where the seller eventually got to the next level!


Hm… did they state why specifically that message was flagged? It doesn’t seem to violate anything.

And yeah, Fiverr is unfair. They really don’t care about us sellers much, it’s all catered to the buyers.


Reply to @mgjohn78: The support team has asked me to wait 4-6 weeks more. This just sucks.


Reply to @omniversal: Nope. No reason was given. The support team is not even willing to consider reading and understanding it. I kind of found them rude. Here’s the conversation

Support team: Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to us. To clear things up: "That sounds great. Can you wait for a day? I have a few gigs payments being processed, when they go through I can pay you directly"

We’re available 24/7 for users to contact us with any concerns they may have about placing an order, you can direct them to us in the future. We also have an abundant knowledge base that clears up tons of common questions, this is also readily accessible to all users.

As for the warning, it will remain on the account. Thank you.

My reply: Hello,

In the above message you quoted, what I meant was that I had sold a few gigs and the payments were being processed by fiverr (being cleared), when they were added to my account, I would have bought a gig from the recipient directly from fiverr account money (that would save me the $0.50 processing fees you guys take these days)

In any case, can you tell me how long will it take for me to get to rank one or if it is possible at all now due to this misunderstanding? Because if it is not possible it is fruitless for me to work so hard here where I know my efforts wont be merited.

Please let me know. Thank you

Support team: Hi there,

Feel free to contact us again in 4-6 weeks for reconsideration.

I found that rude and that support team is not even willing to just consider reading and judging if I broke a TOS or not. I have no idea what to do. Waiting for 4 weeks and hoping they would “reconsider” just sucks. Not a seller friendly platform at all.


Nope, not at all, I’ve had my own bad support experiences… but, we have to work with what we got, I suppose.

And I see now that you actually do have the level 1 badge? Did they finally come around?


Reply to @omniversal: I am not sure what happened. I asked the support to escalate my case and recheck if I have actually broken any TOS instead of relying on an automated server, few hours later I was promoted but there was no reply from the support. In any case, I am glad the issue was resolved.

Thank you and everyone else to hear me out