Cannot cancel orders from buyers who submit no info?


This is ridiculous and proves that whoever developed this feature is not a seller here on fiverr.

I got an order again today from a seller who literally submitted no information…
So , as usual , I try to cancel the order but now we have to pick from a list of options as to why we want to cancel…

This is new … and I don’t like it…

If a buyer clicks Order Now , and they don’t have any information to give me … I want to cancel that order. I don’t mess around with nonsense like that. Of course I give them some time , but half a day is enough to for me.

So I choose one of the options and I notice that several hours has run off the timer after I picked an option to cancel… AND IT GIVES THE CLIENT THE OPTION TO REJECT THE CANCELLATION …

So what we have here is a client who doesnt know what the hell they are doing … and an order that is ticking away that literally has 0 information in it…

Even if they came back tomorrow and submitted information for the order, I’m still going to cancel it to make sure I have 4 days to complete their order.

Fiverr , these new updates are sometimes cool , but other times its really really annoying to deal with… and it just doesnt have to be …

Why is this order’s timer ticking down when the client delivered 0 information …

Why can’t I cancel the damn thing instantly?
The message even says “You can cancel it right away with no hit to your ratings”

Then it asks me to submit a reason … AND GIVES THE CLIENT 2 DAYS TO RESPOND …

What the hell!?


I’m not sure why you’re upset from the options of what response to use to cancel an order. There’s an option where you can write your own reason. 2 days is a grace period for the client to respond, which automatically cancels the order after that duration. This feature isn’t new. It’s been around for some time. You can always consult with Customer Service to cancel the order for you if it’s that bothersome.

If you want a client to have no choice but to enter relevant information, you can make create a mandatory requirement in your gig when a client orders from you. That’s what I do.


I think he’s also frustrated as to why the clock is ticking once he requests for a cancellation. (This is new – Before it actually stops if you request for a cancellation.) So if the buyer does not accept the cancellation, and submits the information, time has already been wasted and he has lesser time to work on the gig. However, you’ve shared a good idea the OP can use which is to use the “requirement for buyers” option when setting up a gig, that way the timer doesn’t count down unless the buyer has placed information.


So the clock continues to tick down if you request a cancellation now? Hm. I’ll add this to my list of “recent Fiverr tweaks that have come out of nowhere unannounced”. I’m starting to suspect this is end of tax year budget mayhem. (as in: if you don’t spend the whole budget, it gets slashed the next year so spend it all in any way possible so as to keep the budget and get something to show the accountant at the same time). Ho hum. Anyway OP, just slap on a requirement and the order won’t start at all (you get to send an extremely patronizing nudge instead). I’ve got about 10 in my backlog I need to get CS to sweep away sometime. Not really worth blowing a gasket over, though all these changes are tedious.


Yes it has been confirmed by support that in the event of a cancellation request the timer continous to run.


@tenthtiermedia - The problem I have , in which I stated above , is that the timer is running on the order… For some reason…

That feels broken. And yes this feature is relatively new , I could always just cancel the order , no questions asked before .

If you “consult with Customer Service to cancel the order for you if it’s that bothersome.” --> You are hurting your gig waaaaaaay more than a mutual cancellation… as far as I know… and I can quote CS tickets saying this.

Your suggestion: "create a mandatory requirement in your gig"
We’ve had enough clients that seem to have trouble with this for one reason or another. Those clients are mostly mobile clients or tablet users.

Albeit the problem was most likely due to having more than 1 buyer’s request “boxes” for them to respond to … but we’ve had several messages from clients saying something to the extent to “I can’t seem to place the order…” … So thats why we don’t have any mandatory boxes on most of our gigs. We’re still testing it on one of our gigs I think … just to see if clients are still having that problem… Seeing as how fiverr changes the site up so much …

They need to work on the way the site works on mobile devices/tablets though …When my gig was being pushed at 900k impressions (it was on the front page) … we had several people (all mobile users) that improperly placed orders and asked us to cancel… Seems like they accidentally clicked “order now” and BAM order created… Those touch screens and fat fingers I guess…

@theratypist – Thank you for actually reading what I wrote. You are correct. And thats exactly why I’m upset…

@emmaki - " I’ve got about 10 in my backlog I need to get CS to sweep away sometime. " – I was under the impression that if CS cancels anything its WAY MORE detrimental to your gig/standings… Why do you go to them for cancellations?

@annai80 - thanks for confirming



These gigs have been sitting around for over a year… I do want to kick them off but they’re ultimately not doing anything and I’m a little lazy when it comes to housecleaning. I’m more amused by the fact that the buyer’s money is sitting in some limbo and they apparently don’t care!

I’ll ask CS about it next time I have a ticket. Obviously if it affects me I’ll just let the orders rot…


Okay, it’s weird – I just requested a cancellation and now the countdown timer stops. Perhaps they just wanted to test that feature where it counts down out and realized it was a bad idea. @annai80 @emmaki. Lol, Fiverr at its best.


Thanks Cheska for letting us know. Very interesting :/!!


How about, just to stop the timer, if we just hit the deliver button and wait for the buyer to respond?


It is wrong to use the deliver button just to wait for the buyer to respond.


That is considered “empty delivery” and it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service.