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Cannot change my email address for my account

I cannot change my email address listed on my account because fiverr sends a confirmation to my old email address…which is closed. I tried to submit a request to fiverr but they send a confirmation to my email address before it gets submitted…to my closed email address. I cannot recover my password because it sends the reset link to my closed email. The only reason I was able to login at all is because my fiverr account is linked to my facebook account. How do you contact fiverr to change your email? I cannot be the first person to change their email address!! Thanks

Contact customer support and submit a request.

I did that and I replied to their email. They replied back to me as if I had not replied to their email already. Then they closed the link to the support link. At this point I regret the hundreds of dollars I spent on this website and am going to just close the account. They obviously do not care about their customers.