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Cannot check order completion rate

I am risking a demotion from level 1 because my order completion rate is (so far) 88%. I have not managed to recalculate it. The way I see it should be the percentage of completed orders against total (completed + canceled) orders.
I did not manage to replicate the calculation, probably because I am looking at the wrong time period. When do the sixty days start? I tried to calculate them on a rolling calendar basis (i.e. September 10th, Nov 9th) or from each month evaluation date (i.e. starting from September 15th) and I did not manage to replicate the results. I have orders that should be completed before Nov. 15th so I could be fine but I would like to understand how that fairly important percentage is calculated.
I never had any problems with math but I think the FAQ give the wrong information: (Completed+cancelled) divided by canceled multiplied by 100.

In any case, without knowing exactly the time period to consider, it is difficult to check. The Analytics only report 30 days or 3 months and they are about a week behind.

I am not complaining, I’d like to understand

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Check this out:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Analytics page to check your individual statistics.

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Thank you for your reply, but

(a) scrolling to the bottom of the analytics page tells me the total number of order cancelled, not the total number of order considered
(b) in my opinion the calculation of the FAQ is not correct, but it is difficult to prove it unless I have an exact idea of the number of order considered, because according to my guess I do not get 88% , also 88% should be the percentage of completed against total (completed+cancelled), the FAQ calculation gives you the percentage of cancelled, but even that it is difficult to recalculate if you do not know the number of order included in the calculation

I use this when I want to calculate when the last 60 days was. I can then count up the number of cancellations or orders completed.

I do not have a problem calculating the number of days. It is just that following the calculation in th FAQ I do not get their results, so I was wondering whether they were considering a 60 days rolling period or the period between valuation dates. This may be completely academic because I may deliver an order in time to bring my order completion ration back up to 90%. If I risk demotion I’d like to be able to replicate the calculation.