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Cannot complete new seller profile


I am stuck on the Professional Info page. I have all the mandatory information completed, but the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom is not available to click. I have tried multiple devices and multiple browsers (IE and Chrome) with no success. Are there any other fixes?


Is it showing any on-screen messages, eg. have you gone over the max character count allowed for that text box?


No, no on-screen messages or red text indicating an error.


Have you managed to achieve 70% or above (green bar, top right)? If you haven’t, it won’t let you continue. Only use Chrome BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:

(It was 70% when I did this).


My green bar says I’m at 85%. Any yes, Chrome FTW. :slight_smile:


You could contact CS about it if it still doesn’t let you continue (it might take a while since it’s the weekend) or maybe take a screenshot of the screen that’s giving the problem and attach it here.

edit: Or maybe it’s worked as it shows your profile on the main site.


Thanks - will do. FWIW, here are screenshots showing the page I’m stuck on.



Edit: In the “Occupation” section it says “choose two to five of your best skills in music & audio” - you’ve only checked one (voice over). If the other best skill isn’t listed you could just check the “other” box there.


:Facepalm: That worked.

Thanks for the help!

Now I just have to figure out what my other skill is going to be…