Cannot complete the order without communication with buyer. And buyer is not replying i want to cancel the order but he is not accepting the cancel request


i am working on an order from last one month, i have sent step by step things so he can check and let me know but he haven’t replied, i contacted with him a lot time but he didn’t responded, i sent him cancellation request he rejected the request but didn’t respond to my texts. when i was remaining with some hours to deliver the order, then he contacted with me, he told me he was not able to answer my messages so he wants to extend the time, i agreed with him and i sent him request to extend the time but he hasn’t accepted the request. i was left with less time so i delivered the order, after 2 days he accepted the time extended request, And from that time he is not even replying, i want to cancel the order but he is not accepting my request.
Can you please let me know what should i do as again i am remaining with 2 days and i know it cant be complete in 2 days.


contact support to cancel the order


i have contacted earlier but he is not accepting the cancel request. is there anyway a seller can cancel the order? or can contact customer support for cancellation, from resolution center i didnt get any help.


Once you have delivered your order, there is no problem for you with time and you don’t need to request for extension. Just ask your buyer to request you revision.

With revisions, there’s no time limit and you can continue to work on your order if that’s what you want. If not, and you really want to cancel, contact CS and ask them to cancel the order for you as your buyer doesn’t agree on cancelling.


I said “contact with support” not with your buyer!


Contact to CS & informed them you want to cancel this order.CS automatically cancelled this order.


Either wait for two days to cancel automatically or contact support.


Deliver the order, buyer is not replying is not your problem. You have dead lines and other orders to delivery. If you have followed the instructions given by buyer till now then you are qualified to deliver.

It’s up to the buyer if he/she wants to accept or reject the delivery, if they don’t give a reason of rejection then deliver again without any second thought.

Keep in mind that cancellation will harm your ratings. Mutual, CS or Client side doens’t matter.


you can contact customer support. I have faced a similar problem.


That was helpful. Thank you


i have contacted with CS and they have cancelled my order. Thank you all for your suggestions.