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Cannot contact a seller due to privacy reasons?

I need to get in touch with a seller (christylogo) and can only do this via fiver since I have no direct email address.

The problem is that fiverr won’t let me contact them!!!

They are sending messages to me but there doesn’t appear to be a way of reading or responding to them - they are appearing in my inbox and i can see the first line next to the sender but when I click to read I get the whole ‘cant be contacted due to privacy reasons’!!

Basically, the seller has delivered a logo but i need some changes, thats it. Unfortunately fiverr won’t let me contact them :frowning:

So, until fiverr fixes this I have paid $45 for something which I don’t yet have.

If anyone from fiverr is reading this then I would love to hear your suggestions - I feel like I have been robbed not by the seller but by Fiverr because they won’t let me contact the seller to finish the job!


Can you contact them on the order page?

The users account has likely been suspended. Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to find a replacement to make modifications. Sorry.

Seems like Fiverr should tell you exactly why you can’t contact them (i.e. suspension). I know when my buyers need logo revisions they are able to contact me post-delivery with no issues.

Reply to @kjblynx: Oh that makes sense. :slight_smile: Thanks!