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Cannot contact seller anymore


I am trying to contact a seller who just completed a job for me. I was chatting with him yesterday and today I saw a message saying he cannot be contacted anymore although I can see that he is online. Does anyone know what is happening? I really want to get in touch with him. Thank you.


The seller may have blocked you.

Here is an article about this:

Oh really? This is upsetting because the gig he did for me has a one month guarantee. I have asked a friend to login to Fiverr and find the seller. It says seller is no longer available.

That means that the account has gone.

If you have a problem regarding your order suggest you contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:

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Hi. Thank you very much. It’s strange that I can see him online in the message box. Can I post his profile here for you to help take a look if you can see him ?

That is not allowed.

Ok :pensive: Thanks for your help. I hope he can still work in Fiverr. He is a nice guy and very efficient.


Just checked. If it was the seller who left you a review 5 days ago, that account has gone.

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Yes. But I can still see him online. That is very strange. I am worried that maybe Fiverr removed him because of violation of TOS? We chatted about the gig he did for me. Just don’t want him to get into trouble because of me :pensive:

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I would add that there is no such thing as a guarantee on Fiverr. As a buyer, you purchase a gig - your seller delivers the work (hopefully to your satisfaction) - and then you either accept the delivery within three days, or the job autocompletes after three days. Unless you ask for a revision, then that’s it. No seller can offer a one month guarantee as there is absolutely no way to police that on Fiverr.

Hi. My gig is something different. For this type of gig, all the sellers here offer the same guarantee that if similar situation arises, they will do it again free of charge. Buyers will just message them again.