Cannot create a gig, "Title contains illegal characters"


The illegal characters are “write a great review for you.” What’s wrong with Fiverr?


Image attached


It’s most likely the exclamation point as I don’t see anything else wrong with it.


It’s the exclamation point that is causing that…


You can’t have exclamation points, periods, dollar signs, percent signs, etc. The only characters that you can have besides letters, numbers, and spaces are slashes (/) or commas (,)

Fiverr is so picky about some of these things! Ughh! Anyways, Good luck to you :slight_smile:


Also, just a tip, there’s no space between the word “web” and “site”-- its one word-- “website” If you change this detail, it will help your search results! :slight_smile:


It’s your eyes, the way they gaze into my soul may or may not be causing that error.

Don’t listen to these clowns saying its the !


The “eyes” have it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, My gig is giving me the same problem. Attached a screen with the reply, please help, thanks.




You can’t use () in gig description or gig extras.

Letters, numbers, commas (,), and slashes (/) only.


Hello everyone,
I having this error anytime I try to save my gig “Gig items info short title please use only letters, numbers or ,±& characters in the title”. What do I do to rectify this? Your suggestions are very much welcomed. Thanks.


my same proble how to slove this
please say same about this


Thank you! Just had this problem myself.

Don’t include ( or ) in your Gig Extra title!


My title is simply this:

3D Walkthrough

And it was flagged as containing illegal characters. What?! I tried different variations of the same characters (caps, no caps, 3 words, etc.), but all were considered illegal. Is the 3D profession considered illegal by Fiverr? “Fiverr” should be illegal by that standard.


You need to start it with another word - do, create, render etc.

Try ‘do 3d walkthrough’ - deliberately with a small d - it might work. :sunny:

No, 3D work is not illegal. :wink: