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Cannot create gigs after being demoted from level 1


I was demoted to level 0, and I had 10 gigs. 3 of them went to be paused. Now I paused one more gig and want to create a new gig. But system says I can have only 7 gigs. Does the system counts both paused and active gigs together? Want i can do to create a new gig?


You would have to delete some gigs. The system does count paused gigs.


On level 1 (where the max active gigs is 10) and I have 7 active, 2 draft, 6 paused, and I’ve never been higher than level 1, when I try to create a new gig it says “you can create a maximum of 15 gigs”.

Is it saying that “max of 15” because at some point the code was changed to stop you adding more gigs and it’s just not letting someone add more than their current amount if they have >= the max for the level (even though it should be the max active for the level)?

eg. if I deleted one of the 15 would I then be able to create a new one while still on level 1 or would it then say “you can create a maximum of 14 gigs”?

Is level 1 any different to level 0 in the way the max gigs works or is it just a new change (ie. that previously you weren’t so restricted in the amount you could create as long as you only had the up to specified amount active for the level)?

Also, are they ever going to change it so that you can create almost as many gigs as you want (eg. even 20 paused gigs on level 1) as long as you don’t have more than the specified amount for the level active (eg. for when you get a request to do something either in a direct request or the buyer request section that you can definitely do but none of your gigs really match what is being asked)?