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Cannot Create New Gig

When I click “Create new gig,” the screen flashes and nothing happens; I get /manage_gigs/new but it leads no where even when typed in manually.


  1. I have used four different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge & Safari)
  2. All cookies cleared, & cache cleared
  3. System has been restarted multiple times
  4. AdBlocks disabled for the website at all times
  5. I have received 0 warnings or anything that would be an obvious indicator
  6. My gig amount does not exceed 7
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Do you have any gigs other than the 3 active ones? Any in draft mode or paused? If the total is too high that might be stopping you.

Otherwise (if you only have those 3 gigs) you could ask CS report it as a bug in the help centre.


As in my post, my gig amount doesn’t exceed 7 in any capacity.

Thank you, I will have to contact them.

Appreciate your response.