Cannot deliver or cancel a gig


I had a buyer purchase my gig for formatting, but what he really wanted was me to review a physical product on I messaged him that I do not review physical products and I do not post anything to, all of which is laid out in my review gig which he did not purchase. I have not repeatedly messaged him and tried to do a mutual cancel but now I am getting a message from Fiverr that this person cannot be reached directly due to privacy reasons. I cannot even deliver the gig! Now I have this gig sitting in my to do list that is going on 5 days overdue that I cannot deliver or get rid of? How is this right? I do not know what else to do. There is no phone contact for Fiverr and I am getting no answers from Fiverr. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t know what else to do. This is REALLY RIDICULOUS!


Just open up a support ticket with Fiverr and ask them to cancel the gig for you.

When you see that “privacy” type of note, it usually means someones account was suspended for doing some not so legal stuff, which clearly this buyer was trying to do.


Sorry for the troubles you are having.

I had that issue recently. All you can do is ask Fiverr customer service to cancel the gig for you. They did mine without a penalty to my stats so that was good. Explain to them - in detail - the situation. If you let it go for too long, the buyer may come back and mark it as late delivery.

Good luck!