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Cannot download from app or site for two days

I am posting this again even though I can see multiple problems with this reported previously because it seems it was fixed before but the problem has returned.

Downloads are not functional for two days! Can’t take delivery of completed gigs!

The website throws a 404 error and the App says “Something went wrong… try again later”.

Guys please, this is the most basic function, without it you do not have a business at all.


Please Contact Customer

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Maybe it’s your mobile’s problem. some mobile sometimes create problems loading html 5 or some other problem That I don’t know. :sweat:

Not a mobile problem. Phone was working the previous days, even when the web site stopped working. Then both stopped. Also the Fiverr I was corresponding with confirmed he also was having the problem, … in Macedonia. So it was just a technical problem with the site. Could possibly be an error with the images we were passing but likely not as the ones that previously worked were only different in a few pixels from previous ones :slight_smile:

Same here, can not download my delivery.
same as braddo_99

Contact Customer support they will help and solve your problem.