Cannot EDIT "DENIED" Gig


Hey guys. I recently edited a Gig that had a couple of reviews. Unfortunately, a .com slipped in my description and the Gig was Denied. I tried to re-edit it but i found out that i cannot! Fiverr gives me only one option and that is to delete the gig and loose the reviews. Has anybody else experienced this? It doesn’t make any sense to me…


Same with me :-w


Contact Customer Support and ask them if they can allow you to edit it, or unlock it or the like.


Reply to @kjblynx: But that means starting over, with no ratings. If the change to make it “not denied” is small, CS should be assisting in that, not resetting your stats.

I know that this is just an opinion, but whether they do or not, if it would happen to me I would be opening tickets for that loss of income and ratings.


It is like you are a chef… You make some food, and it is denied from customer. You cant edit that food again right?

But, if customer “request modification” as for example little salt, then you can “edit” it…

(I feel inspired today lol)


Hi brother,

Denied gigs can’t edit.

So that’s one deletes and make a new gig.




Reply to @laughingcrow: I lost almost 50 reviews on a gig that was denied after I updated it, but then was later allowed. When Fiverr re-activated the gig, all the old reviews and portfolio images were gone and I was told they wouldn’t be able to republish them. Personally, I can’t believe they weren’t available from backed-up files but I think it would’ve been too much of a hassle for them to do that. I even asked if they’d publish my photos, since I still had them all (the portfolio images) but they never even answered me. That happened a while ago. I started over with that gig, and moved on~


Just contact CS, I had to do that because they flagged my gig as copyrighted invalidly.


Just a suggestion:

I have a habit of writing my gigs in a text file first, that way I have a backup and I don’t lose my hard work in case of it being denied or wiped out.


Same problem here, i added a video to my Gig that was 5 minutes by mistake it was supposed to upload a time lapse instead but now its denied.


Policy hasn’t changed on this subject?