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Cannot even find my own topic here?

wth ??? i posted something and now cannot even find it \ there were replies and i replied \ but there is no way to find my own posts ??? or what am i missing ?? \ is this just more “oh well that’s fiverr (crap)” ?

oh i see \ i tried ‘search’ on a keyword in the topic = send \ and it showed a whole bunch of way older posts but did NOT find the one i posted \ what crap
– then tried ‘adv search’ \ by author = found what i wanted \
= nevertheless = crap \ why should a user-poster have to do ‘search’ to find their own posts ?

  • or if i’m missing ‘where it links me to my own posts’) they ‘why am missing that?’ \ like crap ui ?

Hi Mich. Just click your name on top of any of your posts here (or on clicking your profile pic top right) then, click your name again in the pop-up to see all your posts and topics, much quicker than searching.

Works for other users too, if you want to see what else someone posted.

I think threads drop off after a certain period of inactivity. I seem to remember it was a quite a short space of time for that to happen too.

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Oh, also, even if you’d want to find not your own but other posts/topic back easily that are not your own, you can click the 3 dots next to Reply on the post, and choose the Bookmark symbol, and find all your bookmarks back, when you click your icon picture top right and then the bookmark symbol in the top line.

The forum has quite a few great functions which you can find if you click around and look at it a bit, you can mute whole categories or threads too, in case you’re not interested in some categories that helps a lot to counter what homeestates said, there are often a lot of new posts and threads daily, as this is a very active forum, so, unless a thread constantly gets new replies, it will move down and eventually drop off the first page.

Or use the filters the menu top right between profice pic and search symbol gives you to only look at recent posts or posts in the category you posted in to reduce the ‘white noise’.


thank you very much for the responses and information \ i appreciate it