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Cannot find Available Now feature


Hi everyone,

I’ve been away for some time and got back on to Fiverr about a month ago. I just found out about the Available Now feature and was wondering why the little man icon isn’t showing on my page.

Could anyone please help me out?


Don’t worry . It’s beta option that’s not available for all sellerss


Alright, I see now. Thank you.


How did you fixed it?


Its the same with me whenever I use the desktop view. Try using the mobile browser and then click the menu bar, you should see it there. That was where I saw mine.


I didn’t. I guess it will come in its own time.


I just read your message and tried that… still not there however! Anyway, it’s okay now for me. At the time I was trying really hard to find work, but fortunately things have gotten better now.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:


When using the mobile browser, did you use the chrome desktop view extension?


There’s an extension?? I didn’t know. I’m taking a look and will get back to you after trying it. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!