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Cannot find buyer request option

My Fiverr account is about 1 year old but i cannot find buyer request option in anywhere in my account.

Please help me.


Same here I am also a new user and I also can’t find buyers request option what should we do now

go to more there will you see buyer request option

You can find the option in the Fiverr app if you download it.

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No brother I got this on desktop I just change my gig Key words

there is no option like “more”

can you explain about the keyword please brother

Ok sure brother Am a web developer I use those keywords which are use in searches like front end web developer, responsive designs, PSD to HTML e.t.c
Brother I am always here to help you you can message me if you need more information

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If you are on your “Dashboard” page, you will see a drop-down menu with the title of “More.” Once you drop that menu down :arrow_down: You will see “Buyer Requests.”

there is no drop-down menu …

Thanks a lot brother

there is brother click more and then click buyer requests

If you are in seller mode and on the Dashboard page there is a “More” menu on the top of the page in line with the word fiverr .


Go to Switch to Selling and then click More as previously advised.

If you can’t see it reduce the zoom in your browser settings on the right hand side.


cannot find any more option

Please do as per @lloydsolutions advice:


Thanks a lot for this information it worked

thank you so much


thanks a lot for this information


Download the fiverr app
From apple store or Play Store. Install it.
When you are on the App you’ll see buyers option along with requests. yu can submit the gigs you want to work on along with price and days of work
thank you

Just go to more options and click, you have to click frequently. if you create more gig you will get more request. Best of luck.