Cannot find Fiverr's general counsel


While Vered Raviv-Schwarz is COO of Fiverr and has a history I believe as general counsel for Sizmek prior. I cannot find the Fiverr general counsel and efforts to request it have been met with interference.

Anyone else know or can find the Fiverr General Counsel?


You should contact your success manager.

If you do not have one, you may wish to attempt to contact via social media.

If you search online, CEO of Fiverr’s email is available.


May we ask why???



Oh, insane personal crusade which will inevitably lead to a dead end and someone who should really be outside getting some vitamin D, sitting getting angrier and angrier at their computer because they are not being acknowledged as important. - Gottcha.


She doesn’t have a door to open for you unfortunately…


I guess you’re a DJ God, but a mere mortal when it comes to READING.

That’s the COO. I also do not want the CEO’s info. I want general counsel. Thanks for the…“help”?


She’s in Israel at the moment. And, the success managers have been mostly made anemic.


You know, I’m sure people would be willing to help you more if you were a bit nicer to them - all you’ve done is be unkind to anybody who’s responded to you. Why post if you don’t want opinions?


@offlinehelpers It’s hardly “all I’ve done”. Tone is difficult online to be sure.

So far the closest help has been the legal@ email and I did acknowledge that I would use it but it was incomplete if anyone had anything else.

I hope you see this post as other than “unkind”. But, again, tone is hard online.


Your tone is much nicer, and not unkind at all - thank you!

I do hope you get your situation sorted, and maybe take a bit of time to chill out - it sounds like you need it, and I mean that in the kindest way possible!

Good luck with it all. :smile: