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Cannot find my Profile by searching my Username


I am having a problem finding my account by searching for my username in the search bar. I checked all the pages for the search result but my username was not there. I checked my online status and it’s showing online. One of my friends tried from his account, but he also could not find it. It’s been 6 days since I mailed to the CS. I have joined Fiverr almost a month ago and edited my Gig several times. Surprisingly, I can see buyer requests and got my 1st order from there.
Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem and what should I do to solve this?
Thank you in advance for your help.



I found your account by posting your username in the search bar.

Welcome to the fiverr forum. :cowboy_hat_face: :blush: Don’t upset . It will get the search results gradually. Good luck.


Really! Thank you. It gives relief as I was worried about this from last week.

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Thanks. The problem has created recently because I found my profile before that in search results. Don’t know what possibly the reason.