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Cannot Find SEO Skill Assessment Test Option Plus more errors

I have a new account that was created a few hours ago and I published a new gig about SEO. It says some categories require skill test or something like that. When I went to my profile and click on the Test button, there is no option for SEO skill assessment test. So, how am I going to publish the gig now without taking the test if there is no option?

Also, one of my gig is approved but when I went to Gigs page, it is showing a little sign like this: " :warning: Update Required" And when I enter the edit mode for the gig, it is not showing any cause of the error. What is this? Do you guys care anymore??? ???



So you are here for a couple of hours and you already feel entitled to complain on things and you did not bother to read anything or educate yourself about anything regarding Fiverr and current situation on the main page, plus all the warnings on top of the pages and forum you just ignore, right?

You missed this on top of everything:
Over the next few days, you may see and experience visual changes in the forum. Unfortunately, we do not have a “testing” site and CSS can be fickle. These changes need to be tested live.

Thank you for your understanding.

And you missed that the main page is undergoing major updates in past 4 months and it is still in working progress.

Plus there are 30000 SEO sellers so either way you will wait long for orders to come in, just like most of the new sellers.

EDIT: Did you put under your skill SEO? Not GIG, but under profile skill? if you did not it will not give you option to test skill that you do not claim to have.


Also - I took the SEO test some time ago and got top 10%. It no longer appears on my profile, so … gone, presumably.

Although the customer service one is still there. Top 20% because, y’no, British. We have boundaries. Apparently boundaries aren’t good customer service …


Hi @mayaprakashseo,

Fiverr has taken away many tests and SEO might be one of them, as per @coerdelion’s comment. Also, and just for your knowledge, the notice saying that some categories require for a skill test to be taken, it’s just that: a reminder. It doesn’t mean that every single Gig you set up will need for you to take the test before you can publish it.

Now, if you were to create an English writing/proofreading Gig, you would certainly be asked to take the English test and pass it.

Regarding the “Update Required” alert sign, could you kindly post a screenshot showing it?