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CANNOT get help from Fiverr

Dealing with a problem buyer, problem after problem and now he has resorted to communicating through emojis. Have emailed support 3 times over the last 2 weeks and received ZERO response! This guy is destroying my stats and the next review where I will move up to the next level is in 10 days :tired_face:
Does anyone have any advice?

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If you submit a ticket sometime Fiverr customer support reply within 24 hours. But If you don’t wait 24 hours and create one more tickets they think it’s spamming and don’t reply. Wait for reply maybe there is no other way. Good luck…

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Thank you
I have submitted tickets 5 days apart. I will try again though :slight_smile:

That might be your problem. Fiverr Customer Support does not like it when users submit multiple tickets for the same issue. They have been known to ignor users that do this. One support ticket is sufficient.

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I have read that, However I did wait more than double the recommended waiting time before contacting them again

I understand that… but patience and one ticket really is the best way to work with CS. Then again, maybe they don’t think your request is something that they can help you with. Your issue is a communication complaint between you and a buyer – CS seems to prefer a hands-off approach to that. It really is your responsibility to resolve communication issues with your buyers.

How exactly is the guy “destroying your stats” by communicating with you?

He ordered the incorrect gig, I explained that and offered a resolution gig at the correct rate which he waited 3 days before rejecting (making the gig late) then, when saying he would accept the new terms and after i asked him to cancel the gig and select a new one, ordered extras on the already late gig to the equivalent price so I, assuming it was a misunderstanding completed the gig. He asked for extensive modifications to which i obliged exactly to his specifications, he requested another modification on that (not included in the package) by using only emojis and is now being unresponsive.

I have gone to every length to complete this gig to the buyers specifications but it seems he just does not want a resolution so I need CS to step in.

I guess the only thing you can do at this point, is continue to try to resolve things with this buyer (personally, I would have cut him loose a long time ago), and wait for CS to respond.

You can ask for an update on the same Ticket. The order will be either cancelled by CS if there’s no mutual agreement between you both (this will cost you as “loss of revenue” & “will count in your cancelled orders/Order Completion Rate”).

Try to resolve it mutually with the buyer.

Good Luck!!

Yes, I am fast learning it’s okay to do that! ah well - next time!

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Thank you for your input! I have had a look and done that :slight_smile: I hope there is a mutual agreement because currently this is the only order preventing me from having 100% completed orders!

Keep in mind too, you can go down to 90% completed orders (if you do have to cancel orders), and and it won’t hurt you. The more orders you complete, the higher that percentage will go. Most people don’t realize that those percentages are a numbers game. Keep delivering orders, and you won’t have to worry about the occasional trouble order that needs to be cancelled.

Fiverr has that stat in place to discourage sellers from offering too many cancellations. :wink:

ooh, thanks for the tip! :smiley:

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Same thing is happening with me, i have place 3 customer support request but, i didn’t get any response.

my order was automatically cancelled and when i go to buyer page, buyer page is no longer available and buyer has deleted his account, all my work payment is lost and fiverr is not giving any response.

even this order is affected in my Order Completion Rate and my level is going to down.

It seems like there is no security for seller from fiverr side.

anyone help me what should i do?

There was/is also the problem of CS tickets not being received, or at least no email notification being received.

If you have received email conformation about your tickets, then that’s fine.

If you haven’t, you could email support at fiverr dot com.

You may also find this useful:

Good luck!

@mjsoft - search the forum for ‘paypal chargeback’.