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Cannot get past the "Overview" page when trying to create a gig!


So I’m new to Fiverr and I am trying to create my first gig. I am able to get past the page where I enter details about myself, but I can’t get past the Overview page where I enter the Gig title, Category, Service Type, Gig Metadata and Search Tags.

Once I fill out all of the information the green button saying “Save & Continue” won’t take me to the next page. As well as this the smaller “Save” button in the top right won’t do anything either.
One thing I noticed is when I right click on the Cancel button I get the options to open the link in a new tab or window. Options I don’t get when right clicking on the Save & Continue button.

The one button that does progress me is the smaller “Save & Preview” button in the top right, although this takes me to my profile where it states I have no gigs!

Any help will be much appreciated since it is very frustrating!

EDIT: I would also like to state I have tried it on multiple different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) as well as on Mac and Windows and all give me the same frustrating result.


Do you look at the page as a whole when this happens? It may not be saving because you have an error somewhere and it could be that you’re using symbols in your title or too many characters or virtually anything; if that’s the case, the error will be shown in red writing.

Also, have you tried selecting the next section from the tabs at the top of the page? For instance, have you tried clicking on “Pricing”?


Hi tee_hi,
Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately neither options have worked.
I definitely have no error message within the form and for me, the “Pricing” and “Description” tabs are not clickable.


The remaining tabs won’t be clickable unless you complete the previous step.

Did you fill in all the required information?

You can also try clearing your browser, cookies and cache. If that doesn’t work you need to contact customer support for assistance.


In addition to the above, If you have filled all the required information and still you can not go to next step, Try Switching to another browser. If that doesn’t work please contact support.