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Cannot leave feedback

God, I pissed right now.

I had a buyer a while ago, he requested a modification telling me to make something more complex. Told him that I would be more than happy to rework on the gig he purchased, but what he wants costs more.

He ignored me, he let the order complete automatically and that is all, right? Nope.

He came back more than after 10 days after the order was marked as completed and left feedback. No problem, I will just rate him accordingly because I can. Or so I thought.

I am not able to rate him. I cannot see an option on leaving a feedback at all. I can only see it on my app, but when I try to send the feedback I receive an error.


You can’t see his feedback until you won’t not post your review. After 10 days, his review will be published automatically and you won’t be able give your review.

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Based on new fiverr Rules If you left the Feed back then only you can see buyer’s Feedback & if you think he didn’t give you good feedback then leave him.

You have already many reviews so i think you leave that buyer’s review.


Don’t worry and move on.
Wish you more success.

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That’s a bit disturbing to be honest. If a buyer comes back after so many days after an order completes and leaves feedback, we should be allowed a window to leave our own feedback. If not, then I reiterate one more time, what’s the point of the BRS? More buyer-centric behavior from Fiverr that helps sellers in no way. I’m still flabbergasted by their inaction of removing this system. It doesn’t fit the mold of Fiverr’s own system.

Buyers are purchasing a service - there’s hardly any interaction between sellers and buyers before an order is placed. Why Fiverr likes to copy other sites but not in their entirety just perplexes me. It’s one more thing that reminds me of my job at the school - We can’t seem to do something our own without following another school in the area. (just dumb in my opinion) and we see how it’s working out.

It’s like I’m seeing double here - Fiverr and the school!


Let’s just hope that this is a temporary bug. Otherwise I am so disappointed with the fact that I cannot rate a bad buyer, but he can rate me.


Yes Right ! Sellers can’t be seen Reviews until Seller don’t give reviews back.


The issue in this case is that I see that he left a review, but I cannot review back at all.

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I got a reply from customer service and they told me that because 10 days have passed since the order was marked as completed, I cannot leave a review on my end.

So, basically, the buyer can do this, but I cannot. I have not idea how much time i will need to wait to now see the review I got.

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According to Fiverr, there’s a 10-day period on which buyers and sellers should submit their reviews. In the event only the buyer did it within that time frame, the seller will no longer be able to rate the buyer. So basically, after 10 days of your buyer’s review, you should be able to see it.

This whole thing is driving people crazy…


Here’s the thing. The buyer left the feedback after a little more than 10 days, 11 or 12 tops. 12 hours after he left his review I wanted to give my feedback as well, knowing that it wasn’t a good experience, I wanted to share my side of the story, but I can’t.

The buyer can leave a review, I cannot leave a review and even though 10 days have passed, I cannot see the review either.

I am just tired. I don’t think I care anymore.

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I just can’t figure out what Fiverr is trying to prove to themselves and to others. This blind system is a Russian roulette that Fiverr is forcing us to play…

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This perplexes me too. I rarely look at Up-Work. (That place where Fiverr has copied the blind review system and messaging system from.) However, I had a peek yesterday and I can see why features like the blind review system work well there.

Fiverr simply doesn’t seem to be able to appreciate that they have a completely different product. If they are ever reminded, they then take an “our way or the highway” approach to addressing concerns.

That said, I’m firmly of the belief that all these Up-Worky changes are a sign of an all out Fiverr -Up-Work merger in the pipeline. As I see it, this is the only logical conclusion when you lay everything on the table and just look at it for a second.


So, there is going to be a sale happening? Whenever that happens, that’s the downfall of the company. The competition buys the competitor, then forces them to make all these stupid changes, and they go out of business. Now they have a big tax write-off and the CEOs get a big bonus.

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