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Cannot Link my Accounts

Hello everyone.
I am a new user of fiverr. I had an account once in fiverr. But, recently I had taken freelancing seriously and wanted to make a cleaner new account with a new username. So, I had followed the instructions from the fiverr help and support page. Made the new account accordingly. But, from the new account I cannot link the facebook, google or twitter that was previously linked to my other account that was disabled. I think, this is the case because it was previously linked to my disabled account. Can anyone help me get out of the situation?
Well, I forgot to mention that I have tried removing fiverr from my facebook account and then tried to link it. But, failed again. Please help. Thanks in advance.


Go to your social media like Facebook. Go to setting and remove Fiverr from connected third party app. I don’t know if it works now but this is the best chance you got. As far as I know, Fiverr stores all information and prevents users to use those in multiple accounts. You better create new social media accounts.

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Thank you so much. What if I don’t link my social accounts to my fiverr account? What would be its impact?

Social accounts make your profile strong for verification. More connected accounts prefer you are real. Those have nothing to do with your sale or GIG as far as I know. It shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t connect. It’s good to connect but not mandatory.