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Cannot Log in

Every time I want to sign in to Fiverr, I have to ask to reset my password. It is the only way I can get in which is intensely annoying. I have tried my username and my email address, but no, I still cannot get into my account. The login page just hangs. Please sort this out! Thanks

That happened to me yesterday and I found that the browser was trying to connect to and not, anyway fiverr lately is buggy!

Maybe like you its something to do with the fact that I live in Spain, not the UK or US. My first language is UK English however and I want to communicate in that language. I also want, when I open, to be able to instantly get my language, not Spanish, which the site keeps asking me to choose…grrrr! Let’s hope someone from fiverr is reading this. As yet, obviously, they are not. Fiverr guys, we only have so much patience. There are other fiverr type sites about! However my main gripe is about not being able to log in which I just want to do in the normal way…come on Fiverr guys, this isn’t rocket science!