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Cannot login from latest firefox 56

I am unable to login to Fiverr using the latest Firefox web browser version 56.0
I enter my username and password but it doesn’t log in it just sits on the login screen with no error message displayed. my username and password work fine in Chrome just not in Firefox.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Use Google Chrome. Many users have complained the same. After they use Google Chrome, it all goes okay.

Yes that is how I am logging in now, but i means I have to have 2 browsers open on my PC as I don’t really like Chrome so only use it to login to Fiverr. I has worked previously on older versions of FF just not the latest FF 56

The fiverr developers need to get this problem fixed as it could be loosing fiverr potential customers who try to login using firefox and find it doesn’t work and then just give up and go to another website

I have switched of the adblocker plugin in FF incase this was causing the issue and it still won’t login

After reading your post, I also tried logging in using Firefox. Forget about the login, I wasn’t even able to open the website.

Ok, here is an update. I successfully logged in from Firefox in a private browsing window, so it suggests it is a cookie issue that is causing the problem.

I will delete and Fiverr cookies and try again

Deleted all the Fiverr cookies (there were a lot of them) but still cannot login through a regular FF session only in a private browsing session.
Very strange.

Try to use Safari or Opera then.

don’t have those browser on my machine and Safari is for Mac only and i don’t have an Apple. As a work around I guess I can just use FF in a private browsing window as this has got to be better than running 2 browsers.

Do you have an ad blocker active? You could try turning it off to log in, the ad blocker was what had caused the issue in my case some time ago.