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Cannot login in Firefox!


Hello I cannot login to the site using Firefox.

I enter my username and password but when I click the login button nothing happens.

It just shows the spinner icon but doesn’t log me in!

Anyone else find this?

I am trying to make a purchase... Payment screen frozen

I used Firefox with no problem, but I’ve seen it said that Fiverr is optimized for Chrome. You might try that.


Thanks for your reply! Please note: I don’t want to use Chrome! I can login fine with Chrome. But I want to use Firefox. This has only just started happening and I can’t work out why. Support have said oh update your Flash player and delete all your cache/cookies etc. I’ve updated my Flash player and done that but still exactly the same. It just doesn’t log me in! Starting to get on my wick it is.


Try removing/disabling any add-ons or extensions one by one to see if one of those is causing the problem.


I don’t have any addons/extensions installed!


Fixed it now. Removed any password firefox had for fiverr and tried again and it just accepted my login straight away. Must have been some ff password bug. Squashed it now anyway cheers all!


Great fix, I was having the exact same issue and your resolution worked for me as well. Thanks!


Don’t mind bro but don’t go about the same old beaten path, use chrome, opera, safari just to do your fiverr. man !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


same problem using both chrome and firefox
after trying so many times it’s login suddenly :frowning:


You’re wonderful! Thanks for posting your resolution - it works for me as well. I had previously contacted support and they insisted it was a cookie or add-on issue.


Worked for me too! Thank you for sharing your solution. It was driving me crazy to keep resetting my password every time I wanted to log in.


It’s really sad that Fiverr developers won’t even consider the possibility that THEIR code is to blame for the Firefox login issue. I do not have this issue with ANY of the other 100 sites I use. However, I get frustrated with this Fiverr issue EVERY SINGLE TIME I come here. Usually I’m in a hurry, so I simply go somewhere else like Upwork and forget about this stupid site. IF they would take some responsibility and fix the issue, perhaps more people would use Fiverr. It’s very poor customer service not to address this issue. Not supporting Firefox is just laughable. Chrome sucks and I refuse to use a browser that tracks and reports my every move, even if I tell it not to. No thanks.

In the past, I was able to delete my cache, cookies, etc and restart (a huge pain for me as I keep dozens of tabs open with things I’m working on), but now, I absolutely could not get logged in using Firefox. As a result of forcing me to use IE, this will be my last time EVER coming back to Fiverr until I see some announcement that they have opened their eyes and fixed the problem.


p.s. Nice. So apparently the admins locked this topic. If anyone asks why I hate Fiverr and won’t use them, this is my reason. Any company that refuses to address a serious issue that annoys its users just sucks. And to those who say why would anyone use Firefox, I ask why would anyone use Chrome (tracks your every move), IE (does it work at all?), or Safari (not all of us have or want MACs)?? Firefox is still the best browser on the market, even though so many mindless people are brainwashed into believing otherwise (looking at you @n4y33m) :wink:


dunno why people actually use firefox :unamused::unamused::unamused: