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Cannot login with correct username

I can log in to Fiverr with my Google account but cannot log in independently of Google using just my email address or Fiverr username. Why is this?

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1- Maybe you haven’t yet registered or signed up to fiverr.
2- Maybe you are using incorrect username or password.

These are two possible reasons.

  1. If I hadn’t registered or signed up then I wouldn’t be able to post in this Forum. I have already purchased a gig, actually.
  2. Username and password are correct.

Edited to add: I can sign in with Chrome and Safari but not with Firefox browser, so it may be a Firefox issue.

I meant to say that registering by email is another way. Like filling forms first and then using account. Like when a person use google account then he/she don’t need to fill form for registration rather all info is gathered from google account.

Yeah maybe. But if you clear cache from firefox browser, it will not show this issue.


I have heard Fiverr works best on Chrome.