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Cannot move a picture from page

I need to remove the 1st gig picture, thank you

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You don’t have any gigs?

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I am just making it now. This has been a week of work, not as easy as I thought!

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please publish a gig

I will now, I may have done too much

everything i did has disappeared…i am speechlessl…let me figure out what I did…

Better type everything in an offline document first and then paste it into the edit form, those disappearings do happen sometimes.

Regarding pictures, there must be a trash symbol somewhere. It might be helpful to delete all 3 pics right away and upload them again directly in the order you want them to be, at least for me, the dragging them into order is buggy, so for me the above method usually is faster and more reliable.


i cannot believe it is all gone. everything i saved…i will start over later. so frustrated.

ok here is what is happening…I found the right page but if i adjust it it disappears tothe other page …like i have two at the same time…

this is the one I worked on but the other one shows up

Not sure what you mean with adjust and disappears to the other page…
You can upload 3 pics all in all, and the one on spot 1 will show on the gig, the other 2 will only be visible to people who click on the > to see them, that´s how it´s supposed to be.

I´d trash all pics you uploaded and re-upload them, one at a time, in the order you want them to be in (1st the one you want to show as the “cover” of your gig, then the other 2).

I feel like totally incompetent right now. that is a picture of my ex husband of all people and i dont know where to put the other pictures or how to post it. can you see it. i am so sorry i am taking up so much of your time.

Here is a procedure

- Remove Current gig images and save your gig - Upload again picture By going to Gallery option of gig - Minimum Gig image size (550 Pixels X 370 pixels) Then save gig Save gig and preview (top right corner)
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No worries, Michele. It can be a bit overwhelming at the start, you´ll get the hang of it.

I can see that 1 pic on your gig but only from your link. But I can´t see the “>” that would show if you had uploaded more than 1 pic.

On your profile page BTW, there is a button “View as Buyer”, when you click that, you can see your profile page like other people see it. If you´re worried to lose your edits, you can always open a new window, type “” and you can use that to check then.

On your profile page, I currently see no gigs, which means you haven´t yet published your gig, which will be the last step, once you´re done with the gallery and all.

Have you taken a look at the “Seller Help Center” already? Maybe that will help:

I understand somewhat…can you see this page

I am deleting everything and starting all over. there is a conflict with 2 emails and i started at 2am i am going to sleep and start all

thank you

i copied and pasted all my info

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