Cannot order any gigs


I purchased 2 gigs today from different sellers and after clicking on the green pay tab the page uploaded slowly and it said you will be emailed when your order is completed. Sp does that man I made the orders or their is a bug as I don´t think I payed yet, and I got no emails 1 hour later…Kind of confusing.


You should message the seller and ask them if they got your order.

I am not a regular buyer here so I’m not sure what is supposed to show when you make a purchase but someone else can probably come along and tell you. I do remember being confused like you are when I bought something here that I didn’t get any message to confirm it.

I think your orders are ok and you did make them. Fiverr needs to send a better payment confirmation page.


Go to your username, click buying, manage orders.

You should have two active orders, click one of them and fill out the requirements per sellers request.

If you have no active orders, it means it did not go through. Go check your credit card - first before you do anything.

If it’s pending, then contact customer support with copy of the credit card page (block out sensitive information).

If you have nothing on your card, the transaction did not go through.

Email confirmation is instant. I get my email in less than 1 minute after purchase.


I never got any email confirmation when I placed an order. Just some message on the site like this person described.


got the same problem. today ive ordered a custom offer and paid via paypal… 3hrs later still no response



I get email for every transaction including the tip - which is seperate transaction. Perhaps I set mine up that way. I’m on my smartphone so it’s a pain to check.

If the order went through, the buyer should have active order in the manage order section.

EDIT: Disregard. Looks like I was beat to the answer. :grinning:


I bought something recently too and got a mail immediately, ‘Great news, you´ve started an order on fiverr’ or something like that. I bought from the desktop.


It´s hard to trust anything like that when I look under my “waiting for reviews” on 4 gigs i gave reviews to 2 days ago haha Actually, it is a bug, I just got an email that said it looks like you didn´t complete your order, when i clicked on the link it brought me to the original gig to order again. Basket is empty, Looking under manage orders everything is a mess, gigs waiting for reviews that i already gave reviews for, gigs that say completed that are still under my active gigs tab. Meesages I´ve read and clicked “read” and answered pop up like new messages every time I log on to fiverr.
Looks to me like some people cannot order gigs at the moment.


They didn´t take the money from me, I checked my paypal account.


by the way I also left reviews for 4 sellers and they did not get them although it said review left on my page. So a lot on my side is not working.


It’s the weirdest thing ever. I got an order yesterday and the buyer was all confused telling me that the money has not been taken out of his account but the order was active.

So yes, there might be a glitch or delay somewhere.


I was able to make one order, then tried the second and it is messed up again. I am giving up for today. Thanks for the help everyone.


I figured out how to make orders now, try and if it fails try again in 15 minutes, if it fails try again in 15 minutes, etc etc eventually it will work. lol