Cannot pay with paypal


Hi guys…its been a few days and i already had some orders on fiverr.
But the last few days the site always told me that they are not able to process my order Oo
yeahyeah i already wrote the customer support but they were of no help…

has someone else that issue and knows how to fix it?


PayPal announced about a week ago that they would be conducting regular maintenance on the 30th of March - today. I see they are back operational now, but maybe you’ve tried purchasing while they were in maintenance mode, which could have resulted in this problem.

Did they tell you anything? I mean, how were they not helpful? If they didn’t reply yet, you’ll have to wait for their reply without stressing them :wink:


but it started two days ago with the problem. Oo

they just told me “go ask paypal”
i did and they tell me its fiverr XD


In that case, you will have to provide PayPal’s written answer to Fiverr Customer Support as proof of what they’ve said while asking them to investigate it on their side.


that was on the phone
why doesn’t have fiverr a phone support…
seems like theire answers are written by bots ^^


You have to obtain PayPal’s written response, because it’s impossible to prove what someone said verbally :slight_smile:

And there could be many reasons why Fiverr doesn’t have a phone, and I bet it’s because of the millions of sellers who constantly ask them questions and even spam them - imagine what a hot line it would be, and CS is still a relatively small team.


@Woofy31 is definitely not a bot! :wink::sunny:


guys …i understand…and it only pisses me of because i know it can work.
If i hadn’t already gotten cool gigs i would simply leave.
Its because i like this site, i want it to work again =)
is the CS also replying in the forum?


No, only us bots, I mean buyers and sellers. :wink:

You can only contact CS via the helpdesk, which I know you’ve already done.


If you’re having issues with both websites, the best is to email both of them and send attachments with the answers you’ve received. They are here both there to help, provide them with as much possible information you can so that they can aid you.

I wish you the best and I hope you can get this issue fixed quickly. If nothing works, you could always try a different payment method like Payoneer.

Good luck <3