Cannot Process order?


Someone please help.
Im new.
I have done only 1 other order for about $30.
This custom order this time is $300.
My credit cards have not changed.
But the order just will not process. I have tried my usual 3 cards.
I need the work done or I need to go to another site and cancel fiverr forever.


Hi, please contact customer support, it’s probably a technical issue, they will sort it out for you. No reason to worry.


Hello, I am saying about orders: 1. new order start and 2. create custom offer accepting from seller.

  1. New Order: You just see the gig and make order. it’s called New Order from Buyer.

  2. Custom Offer: Seller will request a custom offer to you (Buyers). You will accept this offer and seller start the work after getting order.

If you got request custom offer $30 from your seller (Who is working with you). Your seller sent you a custom offer with $30 and that you agreed with this custom offer ($30). You may accept this offer and seller start the work on this order.

Agree with seller:
If you agree with $300 custom offer with your seller then you may accept this offer and get start the work with seller.

Agree with seller but payment problem: If you agree with seller but can’t process the transaction, Please contact with fiverr help OR Fiverr Custom Support

Disagree with seller: If you disagree with $300 custom offer with your seller then you never accept this custom offer, Because, you this this is high, seller will charge unethically, work value not $300. (SO YOU DON’T ACCEPT THIS CUSTOM OFFER)

I think, You got it.

Fiverr is Great place to access lot’s of skills and get done jobs/gigs
(it’s really great platform to assists your small and big works done )

Thank you very much
Best Regards,


That in itself was very difficult. Every time I try to contact them, they require an order number.
Which you dont have because you cant pay.
I made up some phoney information and it looks like an email did get off to them.


That link to “Fiverr custom support” is useless.
Theres some sort of technical problem.
Im annoyed.
Seller offerred me his service for $300.

I dont need or want to be on a forum or read help pages or reverse engineer the webpage or ANYTHING COMPLICATED.

i think itll be ok.
i eventually after 15min was able to email something to somebody there. but also super annoyed you cant send the email without an order number (which i didnt and still dont have because i cant pay! )


You may contact with “Fiverr Custom Support” Just leave a message and you will get reply within 24 hours. It’s not useless. It’s really working.


Are you affiliated with Fiverr?
It finally worked. I had to try selecting purchase order about 9 times.
The credit card inputted directly never worked but going through a new paypal account with the same credit card does???
What’s all the hassle and problems?
And I seemed to have lost the mails/forum responses that seemed that they were for sure direct replies from fiverr staff. Im so lost and super annoyyed by this site.


Hey faxblastpatrick,

I am having the same issue! How were you able to pay with PayPal? When I go to purchase a gig the only option that I see is credit card.


I am not 100% positive. My paypal eventually went through but i am in the
midst of a technical disaster. Finally my credit card allowed a payment
through, and at the same time finally paypal went through. THEN my credit
card got blocked because I now have 2 identical purchases “of a large
amount and from a non reputable country” or however my bankers said it.

Try to get your paypal informations in order. Paypal blocked me many upon
many times because I dont have the credit cards I did from 10 years ago.
Good luck.

I am now in the midst of trying to straighten out 2 “purchases” for 1 order.
It’s a disaster of a website for me.
The concept of the service is good but the website is kind of poor…
customer service lacking.
sorry you cant. disaster.