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Cannot publish new gigs....why?

Hi all,
When I create a gig that in the category of Writing & Translation > Business Names & Slogans, at the last part the gig was not able to publish. It says that there is a English test to do. I attended both English (Basic English & Fiverr English) with pass & i refreshed the page. Again the same message… ‘English exam’. So I take the test. It say U.S English test. I attend 2 times, but failed… When I checked in the Text column(Profile), there is no such type of exam.

So I decide to create another gig data entry. At the last it also asked for U.S English Test. So now on whenever i create a new gig it won’t publish without taking the test…

Please solve this problem or tell me what should I do

Message me if there is any correct way to solve this problem

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If you fail those tests, you cannot retake them immediately. Refreshing the page may have canceled out the test. I think you must wait 3 months. Check on that!


i hope this is a better option to contact with cs

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Yes,that’s right.When i tried in Business>Data Entry then there also a test.I has been passed.But there again was retake test.Why if anybody khow that then please,help us.

did your problem solved please let me know i have the same issue