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Cannot purchase Custom Order

I need to find information why attempting to purchase a Custom Order keeps on failing when processing for payment. I’ve used two different cards, and both have been okd by my bank.

I’ve even attempted to submit the payment while on the phone with my bank, but the message is always, “Sorry, we were unable to process your payment…”


Only CS can help you

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I’ve already submitted a request. No reply yet though.


You just need to purchase a different custom offer. I would suggest you ask your seller to send the same offer again. You should be able to get through with the second offer.
Keep us updated!


Nope. Had seller remove old offer, then create a new one. Attempted to pay with credit card that had been certified by my bank to be available for usage ( because I called my bank) and nothing. Even signed up for paypal just so I can finish the transaction and even that one fails…

Very frustrated.

deluxewriting saying right tell seller to resend custom offer again

I did that already. Still could not complete; even with PayPal.

Had already replied with this info, but fiverr’s spam filter removed that post.

Oh, that’s a bummer. Your best bet is to get official word from the Fiverr Customer Support. As mentioned in your previous replies, you have already opened a support ticket. Be sure to submit only one ticket with your query, as multiple tickets often get marked as spam. It may take up to 48 hours for them to get back to you. I know how frustrating this can be, but all you can do now is wait.
Best of luck!

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Still not resolution. Followed all the instructions provided by CS but still no luck, the purchasing process still states there is a error.

Does fiverr or it’s payment processing company have a blacklist? (not that I should be in any blacklist, but since I cannot seem to purchase with any card or even paypal it seems like a valid question)

The issue is now resolved. For future reference:

I contacted my bank and they stated the error may come from the fact that fiverr’s payment page does not ask for an address as part of the credit card input process(at least in my case). This showed as the address associated with the credit card being incorrect and therefore was declined.


So that explains it! I’ve had buyers who couldn’t pay also.

How did you find a way to pay?

While of the phone with my bank, I authorized the transaction even if the address did not match.

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I was hoping for an answer from CS giving clear instructions on how to proceed when faced with this situation (without having to resort to calling my bank), but all I got was repetition of my investigation (… The payment page does not ask for billing information…) and a thanks for confirming the resolution.

I hope I don’t get banned for the sassy reply I gave them…

Never give CS a sassy reply.
It is probably a rare problem. I’ve only had one buyer, or potential buyer, mention it.