Cannot read the inbox messages


hey i got a message from a customer. when i trying to open it i got error message as well.It says "for privacy reasons,this user may not be contacted directly. " please help me i don’t know why it’s came like this… if i cannot contact him or her then how can i got the orders??.. and also i attached the document below. thanks guys .


I got the same message from same user. The account must have been suspended or something. That was a spam.


Thanks guys…


I’ve gotten a couple of messages I couldn’t open, though never on an existing order. Each time the user no longer existed or their message was flagged for something inappropriate (they were asking me to do work that blatantly violated the TOS and triggered an automatic flag). If it’s on an existing order, go through Fiverr’s customer service. Best of luck to you.


It was probably spam mail or a phishing hack. Those are the two most common reasons Fiverr block communication with a seller.