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Cannot receive payments through paypal in Sri Lanka


I am from Sri Lanka and I am unable to recieve the payments through paypal, since paypal does not support its payments in Sri Lanka. Is there any other ways to get the payments? Please support me.

Also keep in mind that it’s free of charge to apply for the card, and you don’t pay any fees until you start using it. So it’s a good option to order one and keep it for when you are ready to begin using it.

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Thanks a lot. But I cant wait till that. :frowning:

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Please let me know if you have any questions in regards to the Fiverr Revenue Card.

their is no way of getting you’re money without getting 10 orders and even then activation fees and stuff you will basically just be paying for the card so… if you can’t wait to make some decent coin you are up Sh*t creek with out a paddle:)

I am also from Sri Lanka,

You can withdraw using the Payoneer revenue card. To apply for that you do not need to wait until you become a level 1 seller. You can apply it the same moment you register on Fiverr ( I did that) and you will receive the card within 10 - 15 days .

Reply to @nissim_payoneer:

I am from sri lanka…

can you tell me can i withdraw money through a FIVERR REVENUR CARD in sri lanka if it’s so please can you guide me through the process of how to get a FIVERR REVENUR CARD so i can withdraw the money form here…


replay to @matt_garry

lol. i only completed only 3 orders, and withdrew successfully.

@mafasdx You may not have noticed but it has been about 5 YEARS and 5 months since that person posted that message.

Instead of digging through super old messages and resurrecting them, you are more than welcome to create a new thread if you want to :wink: